SIPTRIA is a digital phone service completely scalable from the work at home business to the enterprise level. Manage your phone system securely from anywhere in the world by visiting dial.siptria.com.

SIPTRIA Digital Voice Service

Take Your Business Elsewhere.


Anywhere there is an internet connection, you can have instant business-class phone service.

Highly Customizable

Step into the world of advanced features and unified communications.

Dedicated Support

SIPTRIA is more personal with a specific Agent assigned your business.


No mystery in you phone bill. Just savings. Get more rang for your buck.

Modular and Scalable

Increase or Decrease your capacity or relocate entirely.

As if it were done with the waive of a wand, modifying your system can be done incredibly easily from anywhere in the world. Need more lines? Click. Need more extensions? Click. Need to work from home? Take the phone home and plug it in. Hunkered down in a hotel room? Fire up the desktop app on your laptop or use our mobile app.

There is no place your business can’t go. Maybe it’s time you take your business elsewhere.



Not just a phone company, we're an Agency.

We’ve restructured the business model for a service provider.

No more waiting on hold for 45 minutes even though “your call is important to us.” No more waiting for the callback that never comes. Your business is assigned a dedicated Agent to modify and manage your system. Getting in touch with your service provider has never been easier.

Each one of our SIPTRIA Solutions Agents is cross-trained to be your initial single point of contact. The Agent knows the product details, knows how to support it, and any billing details and procedures. Solutions Agents are backed up by highly qualified Service and Support Agents to provide additional assistance.

  • Solutions Training & Demonstrations
  • Tier 1 Technical Training
  • Customer Service and Billing
Telecom Expenditure Auditing
Phone Compatibility Test
Integration Consultations

Our Clients

From the One Man Band to the Enterprise

3S: SIPTRIA is a telecommunications company dedicated to providing quality service, support, and cutting edge solutions. Each one of our Agents, Products and Services have been vetted and lab tested for optimal performance.

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